One season anime glory: why second seasons are a bother

You just happen to finish a great anime and hear that its got a second season in the works, isn’t that just fucking wonderful? I beg to differ. I rarely find myself tackling yearly anime titles simply because I don’t want to start watching something that will ultimately manifest itself into two or more seasons. It’s just a bother…Read More »

The greatness of episodic anime: a look into two unique recommendations

When it comes to popular anime, one thing that’s never lacking are the epically lengthy plots that usually leave nothing to desire. Make no mistake though, if you choose to embark on a marathon of titles like Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach, it can definitely suck the life out of you. It’s times like these when episodic anime are a refreshing remedy to flush out those shounen parasites out of your system.Read More »

Un-concluded anime are the cancer of society: an anime rant

I’m usually not a harsh critic of anything, but if I had to nominate something that truly ticks me off then it’d definitely be anime with no concluding plots. It’s always nice to watch an anime that gets you hyped on the narrative, but there’s nothing worse than realising that a series has abruptly ended and you haven’t even come to the climax of the story, much less a resolution to speak of.Read More »

Reasons to fear late adulthood: a Josei anime recommendation

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.33.14 AMOtona Joshi no Anime Time is definitely one of those titles that doesn’t receive much attention, and rightfully so because it appeals only to a handful of few and neglects the tastes of a broader panty-sniffing-fanservice-slut audience out there. I joke, but in actuality the contents of this anime were created with a much more mature group of female viewers in mind. Through the realism of the many themes that it explores it often scares away your average shounen fanboy, but it doesn’t mean that you might not find it interesting. Read More »