The greatness of episodic anime: a look into two unique recommendations

When it comes to popular anime, one thing that’s never lacking are the epically lengthy plots that usually leave nothing to desire. Make no mistake though, if you choose to embark on a marathon of titles like Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach, it can definitely suck the life out of you. It’s times like these when episodic anime are a refreshing remedy to flush out those shounen parasites out of your system.

Episodic anime?

Stories fully told within the time constraints of an episode usually make up what are known as episodic anime; that’s if you’re fresh off the boat into animeland and didn’t already know that. Episodes in a episodic anime are independent of one another and do not usually tend to play a hugely significant part in a larger plot. Perhaps it’s even better to say that they’re characterised by a lack of sustained plot throughout episodes.

And what’s all the fucking rage about them?

Its most appealing aspect is probably that it introduces a whole lot of diversity to the series. Since each episode is different, the tone of the anime can change rather quickly. Maybe one episode’s brightly comedic and full of action while the next is sombrely dramatic and packed with dialogue. Thus having a string of varying atmospheres in a title really keeps things interesting and fresh for viewers.

My recommendations

  • 73862Title: Mushishi
  • Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Seinen
  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: 2005-2006

The series follows its only protagonist, Ginko, as he wanders in search of supernatural problems to solve. Set in what looks to be ancient Japan, episodes tend to be more mellow in nature with slow paced stories throughout the series. (more info)

  • 71kYiwYmRfL._SL1069_Title: Samurai Champloo
  • Genre: Action, Historical, Comedy, Adventure
  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: 2004-2005

Samurai Champloo follows the adventures of its three distinctively different protagonists as they journey through Edo period Japan in search of an elusive Samurai. In this crazed mix of ancient history and contemporary hip-hop culture of a series, episodes are often full of fight sequences and sharp-tongued dialogue. (more info)

Other popular titles

Thanks for reading and let me know about 
your favourites in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The greatness of episodic anime: a look into two unique recommendations

  1. Ah, Samurai Champloo. Been meaning to start that one, I love how stylish it is. It’s color palette is very nice as well. Also, bonus points for mentioning School Rumble, one of my nostalgic favorites.

    One great episodic anime is Urusei Yatsura. It’s very much an 80’s, retro anime, but if you like that aesthetic and its bizarre brand of humor it’ll be a treat.

    I like this post! It’d be interesting to see you expand on this topic in the future and compare the pros and cons of storybased anime against episodic anime.


    • Samurai Champloo is well worth it.

      Had a look into Urusei Yatsura and it sounds like a really fun and funky series; I’ll definitely get to it in the future.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂 And yea, maybe I’ll try and write some kind of comparison soon.


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