One season anime glory: why second seasons are a bother

You just happen to finish a great anime and hear that its got a second season in the works, isn’t that just fucking wonderful? I beg to differ. I rarely find myself tackling yearly anime titles simply because I don’t want to start watching something that will ultimately manifest itself into two or more seasons. It’s just a bother…

Why are you such a little bitch?

The flattery is much appreciated, but honestly, hear me out. By the time I’m done waiting for a second season to begin, I’ll have forgotten too many important details and prevailing moods in the first season. With this having happened I’ll feel obliged to waste time on re-watching or reviewing past episodes, which is what makes having second seasons a bother. This is only because we have to share memory space with other useless stuff like knowing how to breathe.

… that’s why they’re so great

Twelve or twenty-five, it doesn’t matter as long as the series is concluded within these number of episodes. For me it’s the best course of action when plots are swiftly played out in a short time span. It keeps story material fresh enough so that any seemingly convoluted series of events can neatly come to a satisfying close. Series then become neither serious time or emotional investments because they aren’t being dragged out over months on end. That’s why anime with only one season are so great.

Option C, none of the above

Alternatively, I could stop whining and probably do what you’re thinking, which is to altogether stop watching anime. I’d rather not though, that’s why I choose option C. Instead of getting worked up over nothing, I just watch older titles which have had all their seasons released. This allows me to power through any second or following seasons without having to wait like everybody else did. However, on the whole, I’d have to wait a lot longer than the majority just to get started on any hypes.

Examples of anime which I’ve yet to begin because I’m too lazy to review their first seasons:

  • Tokyo Ghoul √A
  • Durarara Shou & Ten
  • Nisekoi: (until recently)
Let me know when to stop shitposting in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “One season anime glory: why second seasons are a bother

  1. What about the anime which are a collection of seasons that allow for the viewers to understand and/or further appreciate the art of it? Take Avatar the Last Airbender as an example, the seasons are carefully laid out and one can appreciate the different stages of the characters life. Wether one prefers lengthy anime or condensed ones is purely personal; however, I also believe that you are not acknowledging the extreme enjoyment in anime that are lengthy. I understand where you are extracting your points from, but there are many aspects to enjoy about anime such as Naruto. Yes, ok, the fillers…. However, the anime in itself grew with it’s viewers; also, character development can be more thorough. You may view the emotional investments as a limitation; although, it seems to me that you’re more afraid of getting too attached rather that it just being a bother….If one is so impatient as to not wait a couple of weeks, there’s always Manga, but we all know how you feel about that…..I’d also like to bring up the point that you do seem to watch more than one season of anime, and from what I can see you don’t really mind. Lastly, many anime do not corollate closely with the Manga, shorter anime may (perhaps) even encourage this. Therefore, it’s less a question of ‘why second seasons are a bother’, but more about ‘why the wait for new episodes is like you’re trying to sneeze but can’t…for a week’ .


    • I completely agree with you. I try to keep my posts short, so I usually only mention one side of the story. What I’ve written is definitely not the way I feel all the time, it’s just one of my few opinions and while I don’t necessarily like waiting I still see the benefit of having more than one season.

      Thanks for dropping by, btw 🙂


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