Anime Cesspool is no ordinary blog. It has no goal, it achieves nothing, and strives for nothing. This is where all kinds of anime talk come to die.

Here you will find a collection of my amateur thoughts on just about all kinds of anime topics. It can be briefly described as a rarely informative and an elusively entertaining place perfect for internet dwellers like yourself. (in development)

The Author

Allow me to introduce myself dear Anime Cesspool visitor. My name is Haku and I’m originally Japanese but raised in a third-generation immigrant family in Brazil. Now I find myself living in Abu Dhabi (in the United Arab Emirates) as an expat university student, after spending some eight-odd-years in South East Asia.

I first came across anime many years ago, but only decided to become a serious viewer within the past two years or so. In terms of genre I’m really not picky, I’ll watch whatever. However, I do tend to shy away from any yaoi and anime heavy in fantasy.

Although I’m not a native english speaker, I’ve spoken and studied it long enough that my ability with it surpasses that of any other language I know. Of course I’m no pro so do expect all kinds of errors in my writing, but I’ll try my best (as if).

Contact Me

email: nobodoc.nobodoc@gmail.com

MyAnimeList: nobodoc

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